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few of our successful students

Kabir is an excellent instructor. He makes you feel comfortable and confident. He’s also very patient and gives great tips for driving safely. When I first started I was a very nervous driver and today I passed my test with one minor thanks to him.

Gözde Kanyılmaz

Kabir is an amazing teacher that i recommend. He was very patient during the beginning and helped me pass first time in only doing one lesson a week for a couple of months. Strongly recommend for anyone wanting to learn to drive

Nikolai Kjallgren Sixth

I had Kabir as an instructor, very pleased with the teaching and I passed the exam first try. Would recommend.

Henry Fewster

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kabir. I started driving with him 5 years ago. Due to Covid and moving away for University my driving was stunted. Kabir is an amazing instructor, he is reliable and tailors lessons to student’s individual needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having driving lessons. I am really grateful for his patience in teaching a very anxious driver. He truly cares about his students and does his best to help them, he is very knowledgeable and I am lucky to have had him.

Caroline Coyne

Highly recommended. Shan is a wonderful driving instructor- she is extremely patient and really tailors the lessons to the individual pupil. Her feedback is always helpful and constructive and ensures you become a much more confident driver.
She’s also very flexible and accommodating when arranging the lessons themselves whichis hugely appreciated if you have a busy schedule!

Kerenza Evans

I passed first time with only 2 minors with kabir!

Kai Barbaglia

Kabir is a great driving instructor. He teaches in an encouraging and efficient way whilst maintaining a calm and patient demeanour. I highly recommend him to all learner drivers in the area :).

Lila Griffiths

I had Kabir as a driving teacher and managed to pass on my first attempt and would definitely recommend him as a driving teacher.


Kabir was a great driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone! Passed with only 2 minors!

Natasha Stowe

Kabir is a fantastic instructor and always helps me to correct my errors while driving. He gives great advice and has put me in good stead for my practical test. I recommend!!

Freddie Haryott

Amazing driving instructor, super helpful and always very patient. I passed first time thanks to his excellent teaching.

Archie Steinberg

Kabir is a lovely guy and an excellent driving instructor. He really helps make you feel comfortable and confident driving a car even as a complete beginner. I passed my test first time and that was absolutely down to him.

Rock Bell

I passed with ZERO faults thanks to Kabir’s excellent teaching. Over the time I’ve gotten to know Kabir and learned from him it’s become clear how much he genuinely cares about his students and I feel confident in saying he is an exceptional teacher who puts his students first.

Oliver Rose

Thanks Moin for helping me to pass my driving test. He is clam and patient with me. He is very experienced and explain everything very well. Will recommended everyone to Kabs.

Hugo Wong

Moin is a fantastic driving instructor. I passed my test today with three minor faults. He is a very experienced instructor with plenty of knowledge about the entire learning experience. He knows what to prioritise and useful tips for each part of the course. I had a great time speaking with him and learning from him and I think that everyone should give him a try! Thanks Moin 🙏

Qaaim Imran

Thank you Kabir for being an excellent driving instructor. You made learning easy and your relaxed nature gave me confidence. I’m so grateful to have passed first time in under 5 months (with weekly lessons).

Charlie Nabarro

Kabir is a brilliant driving instructor. He corrects mistakes quickly, gives great tips on how to perform manoeuvres and ways to remember them (for any car). He is also great to talk to during lessons.

Jan-Michael Baldwin

Passed first time – 2 minors.
Highly recommend Kabir.


Kabir is great company and a dedicated teacher. Passed first try with two minors!

Max Pritchard

Passed first time with 2 minor faults with Kabir as my instructor. He is fantastic and very patient, and I would very much recommend. thank you Kabir!

Alexander Maslov

I took my lesson with Moin, passed my test 1st attempt. Great instructor. Would recommend him to everyone.

Eloy Cruz

I passed on my first attempt with Shan! She is an amazing instructor, calm, supportive and reassuring. I switched to her from a different insturctor and it was such a great decision.

We did multiple mock tests covering the potential test routes of my driving test centre, worked on maneuvers, used the same GPS device the examiners do, so really I was well prepared thanks to Shan.

P.S.: We’ve also had nice chats all the time 🙂

Ирина Павлова

Passed the test in first attempt.
Moin was a very calm and patient instructor. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Mohammed Unais

Amazing! Kabir is so nice and I passed my test first time with 0 faults! Highly recommend

Zara Shepherd